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    Local extract from published datasource

    Moshe Gottlieb

      I am new to Tableau especially with regards to published datasources and I wanted to know if the following is possible (or maybe even the normal use).


      I want to have a published datasource on our tableau server with a live connection to the database.

      I want to have multiple workbooks all pointing to the published datasource but not making use of the live connection but rather a point in time local extract of the published datasource.

      I need to do this to preserve history.


      For eg I will have datasource PA published and pointing to my database in Jan 2018.

      Multiple workbooks will be created and published with a local extract that was generated from the published datasource on Jan 2018.

      In Feb 2018 the data has changed and I now publish new workbooks.

      I want my new workbooks to get local extracts off the published datasource based on Feb 2018 data, while my prior set of workbooks will maintain the same extract (Jan 2018).


      Is that possible?

      Do I need to do anything specific to make that work?


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          ShivaRam Chennapragada

          Moshe- It is possible, but I don't understand what you're trying to achieve here. Here's why,

          1) If you create multiple extracts off the same data source, create and publish workbooks with those extracts then wouldn't it clutter your server with N number of Extracts all having the same data?

          2) If you're trying to create a new workbook with data from Feb, and still trying to preserve workbook from Jan isn't that just redundant work? You can just use filters to switch back to Jan to see the data through January right?


          Why don't you just create and publish workbooks, make use of Tableau date filters and go back in time to see historical data? With data, it is best practice to have one version of truth. This is my suggestion and I might be missing something here.


          Let me know.




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            Moshe Gottlieb

            Thanks for much for your thoughtful response!


            Your points are valid except that our situation requires us to snapshot both the workbooks and the data every month. For workbooks some logic in the workbook may change from month to month but we can't have that logic change applied to earlier workbooks. Likewise the data may even change retroactively, ie in Feb some data for Jan might have been updated and we don't want that change to flow through to the Jan workbooks.

            Make sense?


            To your point of cluttering the server with N extracts many of which will contain the same data - maybe a better solution is to "snapshot" the Jan datasource and keep that as the January source of truth and then begin using a new datasource which was refreshed to be current, for Feb. And so on...

            We now end up cluttering the number of datasources. It will be less clutter than workbook extracts but maybe multiple published datasources is worse?



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              ShivaRam Chennapragada

              Moshe- If that's the business requirement then there's no other way than getting hands dirty. Here's something you could do,

              1) Publish the data source and keep it live.

              2) Connect to the published data source, create the workbook, create an extract, save the extract, publish the workbook along with the Extract. Do not publish the extracts separately. Because this is a monthly snapshot, I assume you don't have to bother about setting up a refresh schedule.

              3) Next month, when you'd have the new data and have to update the workbook, open the previously created workbook and switch connection to Live, make changes, validate and extract with Feb data and re-publish.


              Just to avoid additional headaches I'd save a live version of the workbook in addition to an extract version, just in case.


              Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.




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                Moshe Gottlieb

                Thanks so much for the ideas and approach. it makes a lot of sense.


                Your point about switching the datasource in the wookbook and triggering the extract, i am actually trying to do via code.

                Do you know if thats possible.


                I just asked the question here


                Replace datasource in workbook via XML