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    Install Tableau server on Debian distrib

    Luc Duriez

      Hi everyone !


      Have you ever try to install Tableau server on a debian distrib?


      I'm actually trying to but it fail during the initialize-tsm script :

      sudo ./initialize-tsm --accepteula
      Could not get property: Connection timed out
      Could not get property: Connection timed out
      Could not get properties: Connection timed out
      Creating directories and setting permissions...
      Using '/var/opt/tableau/tableau_server' as the data directory.
      Adding user 'lduriez' to group 'tableau'...
      Adding user 'lduriez' to group 'tsmadmin'...
      Added. Note: These group membership changes do not take effect in shells already open. For these to take effect, log out of the shell and log back in.
      Adding sudo capability for privileged user...
      Creating environment file...
      Starting TSM services...
      Operation failed.
      Generic exception raised during installation.
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Controller failed to respond with an Active status
          at com.tableausoftware.installer.operations.VerifyWebAppInitializationOperation.perform(VerifyWebAppInitializationOperation.java:80)
          at com.tableausoftware.installer.AbstractInstaller.run(AbstractInstaller.java:205)
          at com.tableausoftware.installer.AbstractInstaller.execute(AbstractInstaller.java:111)
          at com.tableausoftware.installer.InstallerMain.main(InstallerMain.java:167)
      ERROR: TSM services returned status 10


      The tableau server version is 10.5 and debian jessie (8.11).


      If you have feedback or if you know how I can make it, I'm open to all suggestion?