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    Clearing filters and selections in visuals on a dashboard

    Vanessa van Gelder

      I am trying to clear both filters and visual selections in a dashboard, This seems to have come up quite a bit  for example Clearing All Highlights/Selections from Dashboard


      i have gone through the motions of creating a button to clear all the filters here https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/creating-a-button-to-clear-all-filters-in-a-dashboard?signin=64147a27e1601169ca618…


      however this does not clear the selections on the dashboard visuals.  This seems to be a fairly common issue having combed through the forum however i dont really see a solution to clearing the selections on a visual, whereas clearing filters is fairly easy..


      any assistance would be great, i am surprised tableau haven't come up with a solution for this as it seems to be a fairly common ask, unless ive totally missed the solution


      thanks in advance