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    HELP!!! Dynamic exclude filter

    Inna Arabadzhieva

      Hello guys,


      I need your help!


      I have to create a dynamic overview of Revenue per Subvertical with a filter to select an Advertiser ID. I have attached a sample workbook and a sample dataset.


      When you select an Advertiser ID (e.g. 105) from the filter, in the table you should see the Main vertical of the selected Advertiser ID (in this case Mainstream) with all the Subverticals in this Main vertical (in this case Astro, Mobile, and Streaming; even though Adv. 105 is active only in Astro and Mobile). The Revenue of the selected Advertiser ID must be excluded (we need to see the sum of revenue of all Mainstream Advertisers excl. Advertiser ID 105).


      This seems to be very contradictory according to Tableau's logic: taking the Main vertical of an Advertiser but then excluding this Advertiser.


      With the following LOD I managed to get the Revenue for the whole Main vertical of the selected Advertiser ID but still not the Revenue per Subvertical and without excluding the revenue of the selected Advertiser ID:


      {EXCLUDE [Advertiser Advertiser Id]: SUM({FIXED [Main Vertical Name]: SUM(IF [Advertiser Advertiser Id]= [Advertiser Advertiser Id Parameter] THEN [Revenue USD] ELSE 0 END)})}



      In Excel it looks like this:


      Do you have any suggestions how to build that in Tableau?


      Thank you in advance!