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    Performance issue on the first Load in Tableau Server

    Edouard Bigorre



      First, i know that a lot of discussions have been opended about Cache problem on Tableau Server, but i am still not able to have my response.


      Every morning, the first time I load my dashboard take more than 60s whereas on Desktop, it's about 10/15s.

      Then the first usage of my filter is about 30s against 10/15s on Desktop.


      Finaly, it is ok and I have the same response between Desktop and Server ~10/15s (which is the target) for all of my operations :

      -> Filters (i have 3 filters).

      -> Reload data

      -> Even when I force the refresh with the command ":Refresh=Yes"


      Precision :

      - We are working on live connection on a Amazon Redshigt Platform and don't want for now to use extract.


      Actions already done :

      - I have tried to use the record performance by the command "Record_performance=Yes" but as the problem is only one time the morning I am not able to get the process which take time.

      - I have tuned the parameter with TSM Command : tsm data-access caching set -r always but nothing happens.

      - I am going to schedule my report every morning at 8 AM to fix the issu but for me it is just a workaround


      Question  1 : Do you know any reasons of this behavior which happens only the mornings? When I refresh my dashboard (with the button "Refresh" on the view) the time is good so i don't see the process which can cause this dommage ?


      Question  2 : I have seen on Tableau Server that we can use "Configure Tableau Server" to manage the Cache with the settings : "Refresh less often", "Balanced "or "Refresh more often" ? what is the fiffrence between this settings and the setting  with the command tsm data-access caching set -r ?


      Thanks you in advance,