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    Performance issue on the first Load in Tableau Server

    Edouard Bigorre



      First, i know that a lot of discussions have been opended about Cache problem on Tableau Server, but i am still not able to have my response.


      Every morning, the first time I load my dashboard take more than 60s whereas on Desktop, it's about 10/15s.

      Then the first usage of my filter is about 30s against 10/15s on Desktop.


      Finaly, it is ok and I have the same response between Desktop and Server ~10/15s (which is the target) for all of my operations :

      -> Filters (i have 3 filters).

      -> Reload data

      -> Even when I force the refresh with the command ":Refresh=Yes"


      Precision :

      - We are working on live connection on a Amazon Redshigt Platform and don't want for now to use extract.


      Actions already done :

      - I have tried to use the record performance by the command "Record_performance=Yes" but as the problem is only one time the morning I am not able to get the process which take time.

      - I have tuned the parameter with TSM Command : tsm data-access caching set -r always but nothing happens.

      - I am going to schedule my report every morning at 8 AM to fix the issu but for me it is just a workaround


      Question  1 : Do you know any reasons of this behavior which happens only the mornings? When I refresh my dashboard (with the button "Refresh" on the view) the time is good so i don't see the process which can cause this dommage ?


      Question  2 : I have seen on Tableau Server that we can use "Configure Tableau Server" to manage the Cache with the settings : "Refresh less often", "Balanced "or "Refresh more often" ? what is the fiffrence between this settings and the setting  with the command tsm data-access caching set -r ?


      Thanks you in advance,



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Edouard,


          Decent performance on TS (as compared to TD)

          doesn't necessary mean the problem is with caching.


          When delays are on the first opening (of a view / dashboard on TS),

          then the Performance Recording of opening the workbook on TD could be helpful.

          Please, share it here if you don't mind.


          The difference between TS and TD might be in the view / dashboard itself.

          For example, Polygons (including Filled Maps) are always rendered by the server

          (not the browser), which could be potentially a performance hit.


          Or the problems might be elsewhere -- because of the complexity of the dashboard.

          Rendering a complex dashboard (consisting of many objects) could be quite consuming.

          Besides, a VizQL Server process is resource-wise -- preventing the situations in which

          substantial resources (CPU cycles and memory) are allocated to a single (or a few) session(s).


          That's why the performance in general is better in a TD than in a TS --

          even the latter is on a better all-around hardware.





          BTW, the command

          tsm data-access caching set -r low

          is an equivalent of "Refresh less often" setting

          in the earlier versions of TS Windows.

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            Iwona Wiktorowska

            I agree it might be browser rendering, you can try disabling by appending ?:render=false to the dashboard link. It will force it to use server side rendering.

            Does this also happen when you use "Hide Tabs" option in workbook details section?