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    Top 2 boxes and Likert scales

    Arjen Groeneveld

      Hi All,


      I have been closely following Steve Wexlers' excellent guide on how to visualise Survey data. I have come a long way in getting the Likert scale question into a divergent stacked bar chart (see attached workbook for all steps). And all looks pretty cool!


      Now I want to add top2 box scores, or make a whole new bar chart with only top2 boxes across age brackets for example. Now this seemingly easy calculation of top2 boxes does not seem to work. I have tried a few different calculations and am now completely stuck.


      Can anyone help in figuring this one out?


      In attached workbook "Calc sheet for Likert" are all the variables used for calculating the Likert scale. At the right you can see what the top2 box calculation is adding up to: 100%?


      Thanks a lot for your help!