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    Sankey with equal left and right bars

    Stephen Davie

      Hi all.


      I have recently been playing with Sankey charts, it was mind-blowing at first, but I think I'm getting there.


      I am wanting to replicate similar to what has been discussed in this thread - 'Simple' Sankey Diagram , however, I've got stuck. After endly hours of experimenting and investigating, I'm non-the-wiser.


      Essentially I want my left and right hand bars to be equal sized, and ignore the number of values. Then the lines on the Sankey be larger or smaller depending on the number of responses. Basically the reverse of this image with my lines starting on the left.



      I have made the value for the rank (left and right) equal to 1, but my bars are still being sized by the number of records.


      I am hoping there is a very simple explanation for this that I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.


      Many thanks.