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    Help on dynamic imageS display (overview)

    arthur dupont

      Hello community,




      I have a worksheet with items' id as column header (my version of Tableau is 2018.2)

      A. I wish to display images of those item under their id.

      B. I want to see all images at the same time

      C. Item may change from one day to the other so the solution must be dynamic (no manual trick)

      D. Need to work on tableau server


      Current worksheet :



      Expected worksheet






           1. I know it's possible to display url image in a dashboard but it doesn't fit with point B. (unless there is a possibility to have several url image in 2018.2)


           2. The other way to achieve this is to use custom shapes

                It's a good idea and even if my items change everyday i could build a script that download images everytime a new items is added to my own DB


                But it has some drawnbacks:

        • Custom shapes can only be added via tableau desktop, so if i want to fullfill my point D. i need to dynamically modify my worksheet and upload it to server (i don't know if it's possible)
        • Custom shapes cannot be assign dynamically to an id, assignment must be done manualy which does not fulfill point C.


                2.1. One solution could be to modify the XML of the .twb, but i'm not sure how to do it and anyway

                       And it still would require some manual work to:  open workbook with new data, export to .twb, publish to server


           3. Extension: i've seen that since 2018.2 it's possible to build extension (do you think it could work?)





      So here i'am, i really need this feature but i'm stuck for now!

      There are been several question about this subject but with no satisfactory answers:

      Re: Multiple dynamic images on a dashboard


      Dynamically change Shape for a measure value



      Anybody has any clue about how to achieve my objective?

      Or can help me going on one of the three proposed solutions?


      Have a nice day,