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    Set current date by default in parameters date range

    Anastasiia Buslova

      Hi everyone,


      I have date range set by parameters [Start date] and [End date], where I can pick up certain date range. Now I need to set [Start date] as 3 days ago and [End date] as today by default, so with updates it will change accordingly the current date. Moreover, I need to keep manual adjustment of dates range as well. So to sum up:


      1) By default [Start date] = 3 days ago and [End date] = now (should be live as updated)

      2) Have a date picker so it could be changed out of 1) range by hand


      I tried use Edit parameters and then Set Field from calculated field [Now] for [End date], but it didn't changed current date in parameter and I'm not sure that it will be live as Dashboard will be updated.


      Any suggestions?