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    Tableau Server Returning to first tab of the report after 5 Minutes

    gaurav tilara

      Hello ,


      We are currently using Tableau server 2018.1.2 (20181.18.0615.1128) 64-bit Windows.




      We have a Tabbed workbook having 5 tabs  with the first tab been Overview.

      So if a  user lands on the dashboard he will see the overview tab and then he  can decide to go to either tab 3 or tab 4.

      So suppose the user is on tab 4 and he waits on the particular tab for 5 minutes assuming he got busy, So when he returns back and clicks on tab 5 what tableau does is it reopen the first Overview Tab instead of going to tab 5 .


      The vizqlserver.session.expiry.timeout is set to 3 mins.


      Is there any other parameters that need to be tweaked or disabled so that this behavior is not encountered on production or a workaround?