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    Incorrect Percentage of two aggregated measures

    Ashraf Dahab

      Hi everyone,


      I am new to Tableau, and enjoying the journey


      I have a workbook for IT projects with their sub-tasks. A project will have many sub-tasks. The below are some info about the schema that i have mapped:


      1. The metadata in Tableau is created off of a database view which combines Projects and Sub-tasks tables, along with many other reference tables. So the granularity of the data is at sub-task level.

      2. most reporting/dashboard requirements are at Projects level, i.e. number of open/closed projects, etc. This created a problem for me initially, since it was difficult to report on Projects level with the data at a lower granularity.

      3. I managed to overcome this problem by creating the measure "Number Of Projects", which is nothing but a CNTD(Project ID). So now all my sheets are reporting correct data.

      4. If you look at the sheet labeled "Percent Complete", you will see that I am trying to report Total Projects ("Number Of Projects"), Completed Projects ("No. Closed Projects") and the Percentage of Closed Projects ("Percent Completed").

      5. The numbers for "Number Of Projects" and "No. Closed Projects" are correct. However, the percentage is off!! I tried various ways to get this right but I seem to be missing something.


      What am I doing wrong?


      The workbook is attached here for your reference.