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    Table Calculation are getting changes when removing a dimension from the view

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      I have created a view using Sample Super Store Data Set. i have created a cross Tab  for which i have attached the image. Now  i have placed Region and State to the row shelf and Measure Name , Year and Quarter to the column shelf. Also i have applied filter for State as well


      For example under Central i have filtered all the States except Illinois and after filtering i am getting the value as 13.06 and 1.48 for YOY . Now i wan to build a view in which i need to remove the state from the view. But once i remove state from the view the values for yoy are getting changes which is not right.


      For example for Central it should display as 13.06 and 1.48  and for East it should take median from the values shown below and then display the result likewise for other region also




      Can anybody help me with this issue. Your help will be greatly appreciated . Image is also attached as well as twbx . Also i would like to mention that i am using 9.3




      Table calc Image.PNG




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