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    Column to Rows Plus Conditional Formatting

    Alex Amitrano

      Hello All,


      I have tried various ways to solve this problem, but keep coming up a little short. I have a data set that looks something like this:


      LocationFinance Dept MilestoneFinance Dept Transition DateHR Dept MilestoneHR Dept Transition DateIT Dept MilestoneIT Dept Transition DateSales Dept MilestoneSales Dept Transition Date
      San FranciscoIn Progress2/1/2019Launch4/1/2019Launch5/1/2019Complete5/1/2019
      SeattleComplete3/1/2019In Progress3/1/2019In Progress2/1/2019Launch2/1/2019


      I need to be able to take this data set and list the location, department, milestone for that department, transition date for that department, and calculate the risk level. I also need to assign a color to that risk level (red/yellow/green). It would look like this, but the cells that say "High" would be red, "At Risk" would be yellow, and "On Track" would be green:



      San FranciscoDepartmentMilestoneTransition DateRisk Level
      FinanceIn Progress2/1/2019At Risk
      SalesComplete5/1/2019On Track
      SeattleDepartmentMilestoneTransition DateRisk Level
      FinanceComplete3/1/2019On Track
      HRIn Progress3/1/2019At Risk
      ITIn Progress2/1/2019At Risk


      I have made many calculated fields for the risk formulas, others that are just the department name, the milestones, etc. The closest I came to this output has formulas with built in carriage returns to for each department, milestone, date, and risk level. What's missing is that I can't make Tableau highlight text within output to have a certain color background. Has anyone worked with this scenario before?