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    Possibility of Dashboard Height adjusting automatically

    Kelvin Nguyen

      Hello guys,


      Hope you guys can help me out here as this is causing a lot of issues to my dashboards.


      For a dashboard in my workbook, I have a vertical zone that contains a few horizontal zones. In each horizontal objects, I arrange my sheets horizontally.


      The amount of data presented in my sheets are based on a few filters and parameters, hence, the heights of the sheets will automatically adjust based on the filters.


      However when the height of the vertical zone is larger than the height of the dashboard, it causes each sheets to have a slide bar (to scroll up and down to view the data).


      My thought is: is it possible to have a dashboard that will automatically adjust the height with my vertical zone? or it's only possible for the dashboard to adjust automatically with the user's screen size?


      Thank you!