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    Maximize reports in Tableau Server

    Nirmalraj Alagarsamy


      I want to maximize the tableau reports in tableau Server. Anybody please tell me how to do it in a server ?




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          Donna Coles

          HI Nirmal


          I'm not necessarily going to be the one to provide an answer to you, but please provide a bit more clarity on what you're actually asking.  Is this about maximising how the reports get displayed when viewed on server  or something else?  Include as much detail as you can, including the version of Server you are using and any screen shots if relevant that highlight the problem.




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            Nirmalraj Alagarsamy

            Hi Donna coles.

            We installed 2018.2 (latest version) server and viewing all reports through it.We would like to maximize reports While it is displayed on the server.But not sure how to do it.Please help me on this.?


            Thanks for your help.

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              Donna Coles

              How a report is displayed on server is dependant on a variety of things

              - the settings applied to the dashboard when authored through Tableau desktop (did the author fix them, or set them to automatic - fixing is usually recommended ) - Size and Lay Out Your Dashboard

              - the resolution of the machine displaying the report - while one person may see the report taking up all the screen, another may find they're having to scroll due to differeing resolution...

              Typically the size of th dashboard to present needs to give consideration as to the main purpose of the report.  I typically choose an A4 landscape fixed size by default so I know if someone happens to want to print, it will, but if I run out of space for what's required I will adjust it, unless I absolutely know the report has to be printable.