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    How to create a lookup that pulls data from two columns?

    Alexander Elfering

      Hi everyone,


      I have a dataset that examines the running ELO scores of college football teams since 1900. (example)

      September 20, 2000ColoradoNebraska15001600
      September 27, 2000NebraskaIowa State16501450
      September 27, 2000ColoradoOklahoma14502200
      October 15, 2000Iowa StateKansas14001200


      Teams that are in the "Team.A" column are the winning team for that game, and teams that lost are in the "Team.B" column. I want to create a time series that looks at all of the ELO scores for each team in the Elo.A and Elo.B column in one graph. So if I wanted to look at Colorado's running ELO, it would be a time series that looked at the ELO scores in the A and B columns. How do I go about doing this? Is this possible in Tableau? The original file is a .CSV.


      Thank you,

      Alex Elfering