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    How to limit data with filter or parameter control?


      I wish to make a set of visualizations based on one data table. I wish to create a filter or other ways to limit the data to be visualized in the visualization.

      I wish to create a bar[(2017.2)[=■======■==](2018.9)], or drop down parameter control list(from[2017↓].[02↓]to[2018↓].[09↓]), or other ways to filter or limit data based on the sales date, as I wish to make the limitation to be a continuous period of time,and the fineness of the filtration or limitation to be by month. So that the layout will be easier to use.


      Also. I have another question. I was doing a pie chart based on sales quantity and amount. I want the annotation to include both value and percentage. Is there a way to accomplish that? I used parameter control to change the measure in the pie chart, where a parameter control can switch the pie chart illustrating sales amount and sales quantity. However, I wish the sales quantity to be displayed in a normal way: i.e:1234. But I also wish to let the sales amount to be displayed using K,M,B kind of style i.e: 4.3M, 245K etc. Is it possible, since I could not let the digit display method to be changed while this viz being displaying another set of measurement.


      Thank you if you guys can help me learn how to solve the problem.