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    RegEx: extract year OR age

    Tim Guth

      Hey Guys,


      I am currently facing regular expressions. I got a file like the following:


      long string field (yes, delimiter are not consistent, only for separating height and weight, but name, age/year, and body fat are sometimes delimited, sometimes not)


      name, age/year born, body fat%, height, weight

      James Smith 43 year old 18%, 180, 86
      Thomas Miller 1980, 11.2%, 191, 82
      Dean Thomas, 43 year old 13.1%, 174, 71

      (thanks Lei)


      I have multiple questions:


      1) I want to either extract the age (2 digits) or the year the person was born in. What would the code/regular expression for that be? I tried multiple but I am struggling to find the right code. Extraction should look like --> "43 year old" or "1980"


      2) What would the code for extracting the body fat be? The decimal place is indicated by a dot, some indications have a dot, some are a. absolute number. Extraction should look like --> "13.1%" or "18%"


      Thanks a lot for your help!