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    Help with FIXED calculated field

    matias gripe

      Hi everyone,


      I need help with a calculated field im creating. I have and ID field, stage, Start (date), End (date), a date parameter, and a "Condition" calculated field.


      The result of this should be a 1, for each ID, where the parameter date is contained between the start and end date. I have this working, but i'm missing the second part.


      The calculated field (condition) also needs to meet another condition, which is that the 1 should only be in the max stage (for each ID) that meets the previous date conditions.


      In the next image I have a 1 where date condition is TRUE , but cant make the 2 conditions work together in the same calculated field. I have tried FIXED and INCLUDE level of details calculations, but nothing is working till now.


      Im attaching a workbook example.


      Thanks everyone for your help,


      Best regards