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    Grouping Multiple Rows of Features Into Single Item

    Brynne Miller

      I'm trying to identify the number of products based on product features, but the report I receive has each feature in its own line item. I'm not sure how to group these in tableau. Example below:


      Package 1 = A, B, F, G

      Package 2 = B, F, G, L

      Package 3 = A, F


      Account NumberStateFeature
      Red CompanyMichiganA
      Red CompanyMichiganB
      Red CompanyMichiganF
      Red CompanyMichiganG
      Blue CompanyMichiganB
      Blue CompanyMichiganF
      Blue CompanyMichiganG
      Blue CompanyMichiganL
      Green CompanyMichiganA
      Green CompanyMichiganF
      Red CompanyAlabamaB
      Red CompanyAlabamaF
      Red CompanyAlabamaG
      Red CompanyAlabamaL
      Blue CompanyAlabamaA
      Blue CompanyAlabamaB
      Blue CompanyAlabamaF
      Blue CompanyAlabamaG



      I would like a report that shows:


      Package 1: 2

      Package 2: 2

      Package 3: 1