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    "Save As XYZ" using Tableau Server

    Michael Hesser

      Here's my predicament:


      When I use Tableau Desktop, I can easily download and save data from my vizzes. It gives me the option of where to save it and what to name it, and when overwriting a file it gives me a friendly warning. It's important for me to overwrite the file as I have other programs that will reference the specific, static name.


      But when I use Tableau Server (currently an older version: 2010.1, for which I have full Admin rights), I don't have the same options. Downloading data never overwrites the older file, it just generates a sequentially numbered version, such as:


      Michael_Data (1).csv


      ...and so on.


      This means the new data is essentially invisible to the programs that reference it.


      Is there a way I can specify the file name and location when downloading data from Tableau Server?

      If so, can this be done on the main screen (preferred) or does it require TABCMD?

      Is this something newer versions of Server had, but 2010 lacks?

      Any other suggestions, besides going in an manually changing the name?


      Thanks for your help!