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    Radial Pie Chart Problems

    Teresa Wright

      I am a Tableau 10.5 desktop user trying to build a radial pie chart following a video I found online.  I am able to format my data and create calculated fields, but half way through building the chart I am getting errors.  I'm hoping someone can tell me where I'm making mistakes.  I have attached a twbx file and screen shots below.


      I am trying to build something like this but with 4 rings


      scren shot 2.jpg


      Here's my data


      screen shot 1.jpg


      At Step 3 -- When I change the X and Y to compute using the Path Bin, I am not getting the inner ring as shown in the video


      screen shot 3.jpg


      Step 4:  I am able to change the chart type to polygon, but it does not look the same (most noticeable on lower left quadrant).




      Step 5:  When I place the "Index" measure to the Path on the Marks card, the viz disappears completely.


      screen shot 4.jpg