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    Ultimate Knowledge! Never ending story with containers...seems ended

    Egor Larin

      Hi folks,


      I would like to share a small but very useful tip for everyone who likes containers!

      I know, we know, Containers in Tableau are not the best thing and I use them not often. Until today



      Put two containers inside a third container


      Have you ever tried to do that?:

      • Put some objects to a 1st container
      • Put other objects to a 2nd container
      • Put the 1st & the 2nd containers into a 3rd...


      You can try and I bet you will find it almost impossible and that is why:

      • You got the 3rd empty container
      • You put the 1st container with objects inside the 3rd
      • When you are trying to put the 2nd into the 3rd next to the 1st (or under the 1st - depends on type of the 3rd container) - Tableau will always try to 'insert' the 2nd into 1st!...


      Today I've discovered, finally, a solution for that supper annoying behaviour and I will be using containers more often!


      The solution:

      • You got the 3rd empty container
      • Add a blank object to the 3rd container!
      • You put the 1st container with objects inside the 3rd next/under the blank object
      • Presens of blank object will allow you to move the 2nd next to (or under) the 1st one inside the 3rd without any issues
      • Using that solution - i've done a dashboard in minutes
        • I have 12 small vertical containers with 4 objects inside. Every 3 vertical should sit inside 1 horizontal), then 2 big horizontals should be inside one big horizontal... etc


      I hope that will make your relationships with containers less painful and stressful.


      More than happy to hear about better way, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I was happy like a kid