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    dashboards: a better way to bring in filters

    jon rios

      from my dashboard, i am bring in global filters, when i do, they land in the most awkward places, some come in as floating, others as container...


      is there a method of selecting filters from within a dashboard that you can direct where it will land so it is not random ?  thanks

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          Cathy Bridges

          My workaround for this is to create a worksheet that has all filters I want - the global filters, and make the viz just the count of records as text. Make the text white and remove any headers, lines, or shading on the worksheet.

          Now drag that worksheet onto a dashboard and put the filters where you want them. You can use blank boxes too if that helps lay it out.

          With the global filter worksheet, make sure to hid the title. This should leave the worksheet on the dashboard but make it invisible.

          But all the associated filters will still be there, so you can display them all and put them where you want them.

          Use this dashboard as a template to make all your other dashboards.

          Example attached.