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    LOD Calculation Help for Test Gains and AVG Gains Growth

    Ruby Delgado

      I need some assistance with LOD. I have students who take assessments in the following years:





      There are situations in which a student may skip a year

      Within each Overall subject, there are Test Codes:

      Ex: Overall Subject = English - Test Codes include ELA03, ELA04, etc

      Overall Subject = Math - Test Codes include MAT03, MAT04 etc...


      In addition to showing student growth from prior year, I'd like to show the teacher the AVG Growth her class achieved but can't aggregate on my current calculation. Help please?

      I was able to create the AVG Score the class achieved now need AVG growth


      I am attaching a sample of my data but not the actual workbook I am using since it contains sensitive student data.


      SUM(IF [Testing School Year] = '1617' THEN [Test Scale Score] END)


      SUM(IF [Testing School Year] = '1516' THEN [Test Scale Score] END)