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    Sharepoint list to Tableau

    Stefan Vasile

      Hello dears,


      I know it has been debated a lot, and I've read probably most of the topics on the matter.. but could not get to make it work, or even know what is the real issue preventing me to connect a SharePoint list to Tableau,


      If it is possible to receive your help, i would greatly appreciate it..


      So the Link to my List is




      For the Tableau connection i transformed it as advised:



      adding the "_vti_bin/ListData.svc/" part (i also used many combinations of URL, by excluding parts of "/collab/generic1/PA3/Lists/", and still getting the same error every time.


      The error message shows i do not have permission from the Odata source, but i have access to the site content and to the list.

      I have access in general to our SharePoint (windows credentials at windows logon).



      Can you please advise what to do, like for beginners?


      My Desktop version is 10.3.1.


      Thank you in advance!! really appreciated!