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    Rest API: Failed to establish a connection to your datasource

    Navterj Singh

      Hi All,


      I'm publishing a workbook via REST api. The flow of this is as follow:


      I have a template file(.twbx), I change the database name in the packaged file and publish this changed packaged file to my tableau server via REST api.

      File is published and I can see the workbook where I published, but the problem is, it shows the data of previous database not of the changed/new database.


      Even when I open this changed file in Desktop Tableau application, there also it will show the data of old database and when I click "Refresh All Extracts" then it shows the data from changed database.

      My data is in .hyper file.


      When I tried to publish this workbook as .twb file which is without .hyper file with it, it gives error "Failed to establish a connection to your datasource".


      How can I refresh the data from changed database. I need to do it via REST api.


      Any help would be appreciated !!!