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    Filter on second data source's Text Table via a Map Action

    J S

      Hello, my Dashboard consists of a symbol Map, and a text table. The Map and text table are from different database tables joined with a shared primary key. The text table and map reflect widgets completed in areas of the U.S.



      Using both sheets as a filter, I am able to select entries on the text table and have them filter the map accordingly. Additionally, I am able to filter both the map and the text table using a filter from the text table's data source.


      However, when I click on an entry from the map - the text table is filtered out to display no values (even when I know they exist). The text table has no filters applied. I have in the past filtered using a Map to Text Table when the data source was shared, but I've not had luck filtering from the map to a text table when they are coming from different data sources. Has anyone successfully done this?


      Using Tableau 10.4


      Edit: The map I'm trying to filter from has a dual axis.


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