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    User CAL Licensing - Production & Test/Development Server

    Marcel Stock



      we are using the User CAL based licensing model and we are planning to create a Tableau Development Server with the same License Key to try out various aspects/upgrades/workbooks before publishing them on our actual productive Server.


      We have been told we have 3 activations, now our only question is can one user license (creator/viewer/etc) be used on both of the Servers at the same time? Since one of them is used as development server and the other one being the actual production server.


      The Users would have the same Account Name / E-Mail / Password etc. on both of the servers (Prod & Dev). Are we required to purchase additional licenses for our development server? I hope not - otherwise the 3 activations would not really make any sense.


      What do we have to look out for exactly when using the same User CAL Key on both servers? Same Account Name/Password/E-Mail?


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