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    Hosting of Web Data Connector on page that requires authentication?

    Bart Steverink

      After following the basic USGS earthquake tutorial using the simulator and node http-server to serve the static HTML file containing the button and javascript I quickly wanted to move on and write a connector for one of the webservices that I maintain. My idea was to host the connector (the content of the HTML file in the tutorial) on a page within a webapplication (Python/Django). To get access to that page, you need to login.


      When using the simulator inside chrome this all goes well. When starting the dynamic mode, the webpage shows up at the login screen. After logging in I can connect and fetch the schema and data. After inspecting, the popup of the webpage keeps track of the session cookie required for access to the webapplication as it should.


      In tableau desktop, when connecting to the same url, I also end up at the login page and after logging in I get redirected to the page containing the WDC. From there the similarity with the simulator stops. After clicking the connect button I end up in an endless executing query popup. The next time I try to connect however, I do not have to enter my username and password again. A cookie must have been store, but I suspect it is not shared with the client in tableau desktop that is actually doing the request.


      How to resolve this? I really do not want to expose the WDC on a public part of the internet (I know I can implement authorization of several sorts inside the connector) as the data I am exposing is sensitive and I feel this extra barrier is desired to protect it.


      Looking forward to your response.