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    Major issue with Hortonworks Hive Extract connection not displaying data

    Imran Shaik

      Hi Gurus,


      I'm facing strange issue when connecting to Hadoop Hortonworks Hive data  source . I am able to see the actual data when connection type is live, but when i changed the connection type to Extract most of the  columns not displaying any data . It's like blank .

      Let say i have 10 columns with respective data when i connected with live connection there is no problem , able to get all the data . but problem is that when i changed the connection to Extract . 6 out of 10 columns not displaying any data . only empty space i can see in data window ,few columns  displaying actual data why it's occurring. does it is limitation of tableau when we connecting Hive data source with extract connection ?? How to resolve it any suggestions could be highly appreciated


      Im attaching both images of live & extract see the difference

      Kindly help me on this issue