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    Turnaround Time, with LOD



      I am trying to calculate turnaround time i.e. end time of a previous procedure to the start time of a subsequent procedure for a medical procedure area. The data set includes the date of the procedure, room (4 possible rooms), start time, end time, and doctor (sample workbook is attached).


      I am trying to calculate two variants of turnaround time:

      1) same day, same room

      2) same day, same room, and same doctor i.e. the turnaround time would be calculated only if the preceding case on a given day in a given room was done by the same doctor


      I am assuming this requires some LOD/nested LOD calculations but I'm not sure how to proceed. I have attached a sample workbook and would appreciate the Community's help.


      Thank you,



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Arsen,


          Since the calculation should compare data from different rows,

          LOD expressions could be of little (if any) use.

          But one could use Table Calculations instead.


          Please find the attached.




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            Thank you very much, Yuri. I had worked through it and developed a similar calculation. Is there a way to generate the same calculation without having to organize the data into a table?  i.e. the data would be loaded/refreshed and there would be an aggregate calculation (avg, min, max etc) for Turnaround time?  

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              Yuriy Fal

              Hi Arsen,


              Even if there's a way, I'm not aware of it, sorry.


              One can rearrange pills on a view,

              choose a different viz type,

              Hide (not Filter out) some Marks.


              But one couldn't change the Dimensions on a view,

              so the Visual Level-Of-Detail (VizLOD) to remain intact --

              for the Table Calculations to work as expected.


              If it could be possible to avoid Table Calcs

              and make everything work with aggregates

              (all without radically changing the datasource),

              I would let you know immediately.