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    2018.2 Crosstab Sorting - without nesting


      The new sorting is really messing with my tables. I know the old way of sorting was also supposed to be preserved but can't seem to get sorting to work regardless.

      In the below sheet I would simply like to sort sales by retailer. However no matter how i try and do this Tableau is nesting retailers with the same name together rather than looking at each retailer, city, state as being unique.



      Below is my desired result which i was only able to get to work by using a combined field for retailer, city, state -  but I don't want to have to use a combined field.

      Sorting worked fine in the older versions, not sure why 2018.2 is so different with cross-tabs. and yes I'm pretty sure I tried all the different sorting methods from using the tool bar, clicking on the column etc.

      Hopefully someone can show me the correct way to do this as it happens to be a challenge on multiple dashboards i have.. When using a single dimension seems to work fine, it's always when crosstabing multiple dimensions i can't seem to get Tableau to treat each row as being unique.


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          I think the combined field method you described is probably

          the typical way to approach this problem.


          Another method is to:

          -drag a second copy of your AGG(CHG) field to the Rows shelf

          -edit in shelf and add a negative sign in front of it

          -change it to discrete

          -move it to the first position after  the rank pill


          Both methods will require the use of a calculated field

          with "Show Header" that needs to be unchecked.

          The second  method has the benefit that you don't need to set

          any sort settings


          Please see the workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.


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