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    Shape in a Crosstab from basic map

    Riley Mashburn

      The attached .twbx is a sample of a map I'm working on, the data includes the county name, an Indicator for Dual Credit, and a total count of students. The user I'm making this for asked for each map view to have a table next to it in the final product, which is easy to do on all of them, except this one...


      If you look at Sheet 1, it's a dual axis map with checkmarks on counties that that have dual credit. All I'm trying to do is convert this to map to a crosstab, and have a shape column for counties with dual credit.


      The format I'm looking for is something like this:

      CountyDCStudent Count
      DC County225
      Non-DC County112


      The tutorials I found for building KPIs with shape indicators had multiple columns, but this is kind of an odd case... When I convert the other maps to crosstabs, I don't have anything in the columns field, so I'm struggling on getting this one right...

      (Please excuse my terrible redaction.)




      I'm not opposed to re-working my data, I aggregated it with Tableau Prep and can re-work it if someone has a suggestion.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!