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    Shortel MYSQL

    Jessica Waydelis

      Hi Credit Union Friends!


      I am working on getting some better call stats for our phone center, currently the manager is pulling reports daily and entering them into an excel file by hand!


      My IT department figured out how to get me connected to the MYSQL server, before I start creating anything from scratch I figured I would see if anyone has tried this before.



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          Charlotte Taft

          Hey Jessica - I'm curious what you decided to do! We are on MS SQL Server, but not that different. Happy to chat whenever about how you decided to put the data into the DB - and then what! No one else has asked a question here so if you're cool with it, perhaps we have a slide in the next meeting saying Question from the Community: something about are others doing anything with Call Center data?

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            Don Wise

            Hi Jessica,

            I've numerous years with Call Center data.  Let us know if you need any help with what you're trying to achieve - i.e., performance KPI's etc. Thx! Don

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              Jessica Waydelis

              Hi Charlotte! That would be awesome!


              I created a bunch of dashboards for calls taken and abandoned rate, the next step is getting talk time which seems a little strange!

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                Jessica Waydelis

                Thanks Don!


                Our past reporting was rather simple, just total calls and the abandoned rates! If you have any other suggestions that would be great!


                I myself never worked in the call center, just in the branches, so its a little more difficult to get creative with the data when I am starting from scratch!

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                  Don Wise

                  Hi Jessica,

                  In addition to call volume and abandoned rate, you might want to look at the duration of time between call ring time (how long it took the person to answer the call by number of rings or duration of call arrival on network to call answer time), call duration time (time of answer to time of disconnect) and then any metrics that you might want to apply for a KPI thereafter, such as 90% of all calls must be answered within xx seconds, etc. 


                  Once you have your basic numbers, then start to look at KPI's for your particular situation and whether they're (1) achievable (2) applicable to perhaps an industry standard. 


                  Another item to look at is how busy folks are within the hour, i.e., are they on calls 40% or 80% of time? If they're too busy then they're being worked too much, taking into account any other things they have to do to 'wrap up' the call or ancillary duties and/or training / break time.  Measurements like that will help give you an overall picture of the 'health' of your center. 


                  Hope that helps!  Thx, Don

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                    Karrie Cardiff

                    Hi Jessica,


                    I am the Performance Analyst for BECU's Call Center. I have TONs of ideas for you. PM me and we can set up some time to pick each others brain.



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                      Bill Mech

                      Hi Karrie.  Please email me at billm@connexuscu.org<mailto:billm@connexuscu.org> and we can take this discussion off the forum.




                      Bill Mech

                      Vice President of Enterprise Risk Control


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                        Jessica Waydelis

                        Hi Karrie! Would love to chat!


                        I am having a moment and cant seem to figure out how to PM you, can you email me?



                        looking forward to chatting!