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    Ranking a Stacked Bar Chart

    Mark Docherty



      I am trying to create a filter where users can see customers by rank, i.e., so they can choose the top 5, 10, 20...etc. (or even the bottom ones, if they want). I have a slider in place, but am encountering two problems that I just can't seem to figure out how to get around:

      1 - The slider is not showing all customers. There are 607 customers in my list, but the slider/filter only goes up to 310.

      2 - The filter doesn't work based on the total count. For example, if I ask it to rank the top 15, it lists more than 15 results, and seems to involve a combination of the two items that make up the stacked bar, rather than just the total count.


      I hope this makes sense. If anyone can help me figure out how to get this working correctly, I would certainly appreciate it!




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          Hmm. Couldn't find satisfactory simultaneous answers to both your questions.


          1. Rank groups customers that have the exact same Load Count.

              Rank_Unique will give sequential numbers even with ties, so you'll get your full 607.


          2. But, Rank_Unique seems to get affected by the [Mode] on the color shelf.

              I couldn't figure out a table setting that would ignore [Mode] and just

              rank_unique the customers. Maybe someone can find it.


          So I made a poor hack of changing the [Mode] to an attribute

          and then using a reference line to show stacking of two modes.


          Hopefully the Community will have other insights.


          Please see workbook v18.1 attached in the Forum Thread.

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            Mark Docherty

            Thank you so much for your help, Swaroop! However, I replaced the "Rank" function in my original calculation with "Rank_Unique", but I'm still getting only 443 as the total. I also tried recreating the "RankUnique - Loads" calculation you devised, but only get 443 with that too. Not sure what I'm doing wrong since I can see that all 607 showed up in your version. Any suggestions?

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              My apologies, I didn't specify the Table Calculation settings.


              The settings will all depend upon what pills are on your worksheet.

              In the "rank_unique" sheet, I only selected a compute using of "Customer".


              But if you have [Mode] on the Color shelf, then you'll probably need

              to set it like something below. Changing the order of the Dimensions

              also changes the results.


              Maybe you'll have a better go at it than I.

              I tried many different orientations of dimension order and

              many variations of check/uncheck, but couldn't get rank_unique to work

              to ignore the Mode and not give back more rows than the selected 15.


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                Mark Docherty

                That did it. Thank you!