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    Standard Deviation

    Vinay V

      I am trying to create a standard deviation report. I have survey data for various questions where the responses for each question is between 1-5. The survey was done 2 times using the same questions. There are two variables to each response of the survey. There is a team name and location associated to each response.


      Standard deviation for each question must be zero when all of the data is in use. When the filter is used and when a particular value(s) are selected in the filter, meaning I want to see how 1 or multiple teams or one location with all teams are doing. This is where the standard deviation should be calculated. I want to see the standard deviation of the filtered responses against the overall data. This is so I can compare how a particular team or location is doing in comparison to the average of everyone.


      Attached is the tableau file, when all data is in use, the graph is calculating a standard deviation which is incorrect. any help would be greatly appreciated.