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    Total of rows based on criteria

    Tarun Singh Thakur

      Hi All,


      In Tableau, I am trying to calculate the row total based on year but I am not able to achieve it.


      Below is sample data, I want to achieve Total(marked in yellow) for two years - 2017 and 2018. In Tableau, the Grand Total will give the total of complete row i.e. for Group A : 100+200+25+25+20+50 = 420. But, my interest is to get the total based on year i.e. for year 2017 and Group A, the total should be 100+25+20 = 145.



      Please guide me. Thank you very much.


      Best Regards,



      Message was edited by: Tarun Singh Thakur I have attached : 1. The extracted Tableau workbook 2. Tableau worksheet and the actual xlsx file. Please advise. Thank you.