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    How to Allow User Selection of Data Source Query Level Criteria (& not bring in everything)?

    Neil Hibbert

      In Business Objects (dare I say it in the Tableau Community Forums?), it allows a user prompt. The prompt asks for criteria that it uses in the query at the data source filter level. This means, in our case, looking at project financial information, it will allow a report user to just look up the ONE project he/she is interested in instead of the 1000’s they aren’t.


      Our users come to our Tableau project status report to dynamically look up ONE project, but w/o this feature, Tableau is bringing ALL of them in. Tableau has filters, but this is ran AFTER the workbook has ran the data source query – and our reports are taking a long time. Our business isn’t moving to our new Tableau reports but staying on our Business Objects reports because Tableau is taking forever, 30-60 seconds to run some of the reports. The wow factor of Tableau is wearing off.


      At one of the tableau user groups in our area, when I explained this to him, the Tableau rep said web extensions should be able to do this. Anyone know of one? This cannot be a challenge others haven’t dealt with as well.


      Maybe I'm just not expert enough in the mode of operations in Tableau and the solution is already in the tool?


      Anyone understand what I mean and can help our Tableau reporting team?

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          Joe Oppelt

          You can create a data source filter that is controlled by a parameter.  Give an initial "Welcome" page that has a sheet built on a bogus data source (excel or something simple).  On that page give them a parameter to select their project.  The sheet will just look like a little icon that displays an arrow to click.  When they click the arrow, a SELECT action will take them to the actual dashboard where the real stuff is.  The data source filter for the data source(s) for those sheets will then be limited by the value selected in the parameter.