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    Calculate the vlookup equivalent in tableau from different datasources


      Hi, I have 2 datasets. SampleID_v1 has column "TABLEID" which contains ID used in the dataset Sample_V2 file  columns "FEID" and "Source".


      "Description" column in the SampleID_v1 table tells what those ID mean.


      So, I want to return the Description from sampleID_v1 table instead of the ID in Sample_v2 . I believe I cannot combine the two data since "TableID" in SampleID_v1 list IDs from two different columns in Sample_v2.

      I tried to calculated a field (Calculation1) to return the description instead of ID but it is not working. It is a measures variable. Shouldnt it be Dimensions?



      Below, I want to return "UNV" for 1643, "B&E" for 1645 and so on. My real data (Sample_v2) has more columns with ID listed on TABLEID. I have included only 2 columns (FEID and Source) with ID for now.

      Capture.PNG Capture1.PNG