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    Continuous Line - Formula Issue

    Michele Boulais



      This is my first forum post, so thank you for your help, Tableau community! I am trying to make a continuous line chart that is broken up by demographic subgroups for a component of a student survey we conduct each year. The measure we use is "percent positive", ie we want to know what percent of students in a specific group answered a group of questions positively.


      I have figured out how to get a line graph going that will count how many "positive" records there are in total for each group, but i'm not sure how to get it to calculate that as a percent of the group total. I would also want to be able to do a gender/class breakdown the same way. ("What percent of girls answered positively? What percent of juniors vs. seniors?")


      I am working off Tableau Public, so here is the link to my workbook:

      Tableau Public


      Right now there is just one academic SEL indicator with data in it (called "Academic Behaviors") but in the final version of this i would like to calculate this number and graph it for the other survey categories as well ("Sense of Belonging", "Growth Mindset", etc.)


      Thanks again,