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    Pass a filter from blended datasource with web address

    meisam nabavi

      hi guys

      I am new in tableau and sorry for the basic question.

      I am trying to pass a filter with web address of dashboard.

      I have 2 data sources and want to filter the records of one with a measure of another. I make my work sheet and add the target measure (let call it employee_id)as a filter in the worksheet. It is ok and works perfectly and returns correct results, if I filter it.

      But I want to pass this filter with the web address of the dashboard. I copy the sharing address form Tableau server and add the following command to it:




      but the result is not filtered.

      I checked the following link for how to pass filters with no success. It seems it only work when the filter is from the same data source not an embeded one.

      How View URLs Are Structured