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    Dynamic currency symbol for table

    Sonali chavan

      Hi guys,


      I have one dynamic field KPI_ALl which dynamically shows my selected KPI from Parameter. I have 9 KPI's in my dashboard.

      2 are volume KPI and rest are sales one.


      I have table like below:


      I want to shoe "$" symbol only for sales and not for others.  like this:


      I cannot change my table layout.

      Can someone plz suggest something.




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          I would create two sheets one for Sales and other for volume.

          Then i will show one of them based on selection and hide another.


          It is like sheet swapping based on parameter.

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            Michel Caissie



            you can make 2 copies of KPI_ALl , something like this;



            if parameter = Volume  then volume measure

            elseif parameter = Sales then null




            if parameter = Volume  then null

            elseif parameter = Sales then Sales measure



            set the default properties-Number format   of each calculation  for currency or no currency


            put both calculations in the view.


            when you change the parameter,  one copy will be null showing nothing , and the other one will show with the correct format