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    Creating date range to find last 3 years sales from chosen month

    Casey Gallaher

      Hello all,


      So I am tasked with comparing the sales from 2010-2018 but instead of showing year by year I need it every 3 years.


      Thus I would need the total sales from 2018,2017,2016 as 1 measure, then the total sales from 2015.2014,2013 as 1 measure, then the sales from 2012,2011,2010 as the last measure.


      Then I want to show them on a single graph side by side like this:


      but again I would need there to only be 3 bars with the grouping of years and not the individual year.

      I am not sure the best way to approach this, I created a calculated field that says:

      if year(order date)=2018 or year(order date)=2017 or year(order date)=2016 then sales (using proper syntax and all). However I needed to create 3 different calculations and then I couldn't figure out how to show them all on the same graph like displayed above. 


      Then I was asked if it was possible to start the year from September since 2018 is not completely done yet. So it would be Sept18-Sept17, Sept17-Sept16, Sept16-Sept15 and the group of years. Then Sept15-Sept14, Sept14-Sept13, Sept13-Sept12 as another group of years. Then Sept12-Sept11, Sept11-Sept10, Sept10-Sept09 as the last group of years. Could this be possible by changing the fiscal year to start in September instead?


      I attached my test workbook shown above.