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    issue min, max of date ->results are wrong

    Patrick Weber

      Hi everyone.


      I'm trying to create a view like in this table below.

      But I don't know how to splitt min and max to get just one row of information.



      ABCOctober3811.10.2018 14:574602.10.2018 11:49


      I'm struggling in Tableau with min and max function because e.g. if I use max(Date) and max(Amount) then these results

      doesn't match. Because on one hand the latest date is shown but the information of the amount column is wrong

      if you are using max(Amount) too.

      I only need the newest entry and the oldest one per month.



      In my example workbook there is just one month and one product. In the real system there are several hundreds of products.


      Thanks for any advice.