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    Error generating extracts from Google Sheets


      Dear all!


      We have some vizzes that use data stored in Google Sheets. When viewing the vizzes in Tableau Server, the vizzes can take 30 - 60 seconds to load. We think this is due to the live connection to Google Sheets as the other vizzes in the workbook load very quickly, even when pulling in millions of records from a database.


      As the data in Google Sheets is only updated once daily, we thought we could use an extract to populate the vizzes quicker. However, when running the extract command, we receive a "There is no active connection to the data source" error message. Here is the refreshextract command we used:


      tableau refreshextract  --server http://servername --username username --password password --site demosite --project demoproject --datasource "demodatasourece" --source-username googleusername --source-password googlepassword


      Does anyone know whether extract refreshes from Google Sheets are supported? And if so, do they need a special command or something? We've looked for documentation on creating extracts from Google Sheets, but couldn't find anything.


      We have verified that we can connect to Google Sheets from the server that's running the extract. We've tested this on versions 2018.1, 2018.2, and 2018.3b2.


      edit: I should also mention that we have lots of refreshextracts commands for various data sources. Google Sheets is the only one that gives us an error.