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    URL action and line graph with more than one line

    Tobi Eckhardt




      i have issues with adding an URL action to my data points which are displayed as a line graph.

      The line graph looks perfect till I add the URL into the "Marks" Section -> from a line graph only the measure points were displayed.


      I found the this article here: URL Action Does not work with line graph -> which is working if you only have on graph you wanna display as a line.

      You basically have two lines, one is only represented by dots (the one with the URL) and the other one is represented as an usual line but in the background, as result do you click on the 'URL-Dots' which are laying over the usual ones.


      In my case I want to display two lines in one graph.

      With the trick from the post aboce I would end up with four "lines" and this is not working for me.


      Someone knows a trick how to get this fixed?