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    LOD Fixed not doing what I thought it should do

    Darren Darkings


      I have a large dataset , so i will try to simplify this example.


      I have a dataset with Year, Month Name, Country, City, HotelName and measures of RoomNights and Revenue


      I need to be able in a report to select via filters a Year/Month/Country and City and from the hotels select one or two from the list. I need the SUM(RoomNights) and SUM(Revenue) for these which i can do. What I also need which is not working for me is i need to see also the SUM(RoomNights) for Year/Month/Country and City but totalled for all hotels not just the one or two i have selected. i.e all hotels in that city for the same date range of view.


      I thought i could create a calculated field and have something like this


      {FIXED Country , City, Year, Month : SUM(RoomNights)}


      and that this would be one value, the same on each line if i add to the table. It doesnt, each of the selected hotels should have the same total value against them so i can calculate percent of total of their individual roomnight counts. But the value varies on each line.


      How do i create a field that has fixed total sum for all filters in my view except HotelName.


      I am using Desktop 2018.2



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