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    Rendering issues in tableau server 2018.2

    Brayden Morris

      I'm finishing up work on a large dashboard with numerous data sources, and ~85 sheets.

      While in a future version we will have some sources on a live connection, the issue is being experienced on a fully extract based version of the dashboard.


      When published to tableau server it works okay, except after refreshing the dashboard or changing a few filters some of the sheets get replaced with broken image icons and failed to render

      It appears to affect all different elements, including text fields, number fields, axis of charts or drop-downs for filters, but not at all consistently.


      Not sure if its related, but we first began noticing this around the time we upgraded from 10.4 to 2018.1.2


      I've inspected the website elements and everything appears to be in order from that end (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/all-web-page-elements-do-not-display-in-dashboard-web-object)