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    Unable to sign-in into the Tableau server

    Kunal Mali



      I am Kunal, I have recently started using Tableau Desktop 2018.2.2 64-bit, I want to sign-in into my Tableau online account but it's showing an error that my account is not active.

      However, I have checked it multiple times and confirmed that my account is active, but somehow it's still showing my account inactive.


      I have attached the image showing the error in more detail when I am trying to login into the Tableau Online.


      Please let me know what can we do to resolve this issue so that I can sign in to my Tableau Desktop for exporting and publishing my workbook and hence to continue my work further.


      Your time and consideration is much appreciated

      Thanks and Regards,


      Kunal Mali


      Graduate Student
      University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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          Ritesh Bisht

          Hi Kunal,



          Here is the KB article on the same

          Published: 25 Aug 2017


          Last Modified Date:

          20 Jul 2018


          When attempting to sign in to Tableau Online from Tableau Desktop, the following error occurs:

          This user account is not active. For help, contact your Tableau Online Administrator.


          • Tableau Online
          • Tableau Desktop


          • If you have a Tableau Online subscription, work with your Tableau Online Administrator to have a site role assigned so you can log in.
          • If you have a Tableau Online trial, this error indicates that your trial has expired. Speak to your Tableau account representative for more information.


          Your user account is not set up as a licensed user. or the Tableau Online trial site has expired and is no longer accessible for login.


          If you are not satisfied with above then you can directly contact the Tableau support team here


          Support Case | Tableau Software (they will surely get back to you)


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            Kunal Mali

            Hi Ritesh,


            Thank you for your reply!


            Since I am a student, my professor has provided us with the activation key through which I am able to log in and activate into Tableau account. This is gonna end by December 31st, 2018, so, I do not see the activation/trial version as any kind of problem here.

            I would really appreciate if you can guide me about how and where do I speak with my Tableau account representative?


            Kunal Mali

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              Ritesh Bisht

              Hi Kunal,


              Call directory here , please do call as per your location


              Contact Us: Tableau office contact directory


              I have seen Ciara who is a Tableau employee helping someone with similar problem , I hope she can help you as well

              Ciara Brennan




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                Ciara Brennan

                Hi Kunal

                Your professor may have contact details for the Tableau account manager for your school. Otherwise as Ritesh mentions you can log a Support case to get this resolved. If you run into any issues though please come back and I will assist as best I can from my side.